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About Us

Maverick Mosaics is owned and operated by Bonnie Fitzgerald. She has been making art for as long as she can remember and her joy is to enrich peoples’ lives through their personal discovery of art and widen the community of those who value creativity in themselves and others.

Since 2000 Maverick Mosaics has offered art education and unique learning experiences to both skilled and first time students drawn to the beauty and mystique of mosaics. We offer workshops in studio locations throughout the Washington DC area, including the Smithsonian Institution, lead international art travel adventures and host acclaimed mosaic artists from around the world who share their talents and masterful techniques.

Artistic Travel Adventures

Talk about unique learning experiences, in 2013 Bonnie began taking her Maverick Mosaic instruction "On the Road," hosting five day workshops on architectural mosaic fabrication and installation at the Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Bonnie returns for a sixth time in January 2018.

Maverick Mosaics and Bonnie Fitzgerald are known for opening doors and offering unique learning opportunities. In 2013 Bonnie led a group of 25 adults and children on a magical art education and hands on adventure to Paris and the Loire Valley in France.

In 2014 Bonnie led another adventure of adult travelers on a ten day trip to Madrid and Barcelona exploring ancient sites and 20th Century treasures. The 2015 trip to Italy explored Rome, Tuscany and Florence. 2016 took us back to France exploring the southwest Perigord region home to the pre-historic Lascaux caves.

2017 brought another new travel adventure "An Irish Toast from Coast to Coast." After an 11 day tour with 16 amazing travel companions Bonnie served as Artist in Residence at the Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel, Ireland for the month of July. She shared the honor with her colleague Kim Wozniak. From Bonnie: “The magic of Ireland will always be with me…the kindness and good humor of the people, the rich history, the breathtaking landscape and the opportunity to live and work made memories for a lifetime.”

2018 will be a return to Italy. We will visit Ravenna, the birthplace of Byzantine mosaics, spend time in magical Venice, go north to the world famous mosaic school in Spillembergo eventually making our way to Slovenia for some chill out time at an amazing lake resort. Details soon.

Dedicated to furthering the art of mosaic education Bonnie authored her first book 300+ Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates and Trade Secrets. Actually there are no secrets, this is a technical and resource guide for all levels of mosaic experience. Bonnie Fitzgerald’s Guide to Mosaic Techniques is her second book and features tips and art work from 100+ internationally renowned artists.

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