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Design Clinic, semi-private

Workshop Description

Professional Artist and Maverick Mosaic owner Bonnie Fitzgerald guides you through the creative development and preparation process to produce your next mosaic work of art. These instructive sessions will provide you a strong foundation of knowledge and technique to help streamline the steps of your next mosaic project and work with confidence.

You may work on any project and I will answer any questions, this is a special session and we are working around snow cancellations. You will spend the 4 hours working directly with Bonnie is a small group.

Beginning with your inspiration piece – be it a photograph, a piece of fabric or something in your head, you will be guided through the important preparatory, development, and completion stages to create wonderful mosaics. And, you’ll enjoy yourself in the process.

You will first create a color coded “cartoon,” (a mosaic blueprint) which is guided by fundamental design elements and principles (line, form, focal point and color theory principles). Next, we will work out sourcing your materials - if Maverick’s store does not have exactly what you need then who does? How do I figure how much I need of what? Save money by ordering right the first time! We will cover all pertinent practical and technical issues including cutting techniques and material preparation.

This workshop is LIMITED to 4 participants per session.

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Mosaics or similar experience. Please, you must have basic mosaic knowledge, sorry, no total newbees.

Workshop Details

Tuition: $115

Supply fee separate on case by case basis

DUE SNOW CANCELLATIONS Students will attend one 4 hour session. This workshop is held in our private home studio in Oakton, VA.

Workshop Date/Time:

Class AThursday, January 29, 11am-3pm.