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Exterior Mosaics in Stained Glass

Workshop Description

This workshop will be taught by Maverick Mosaics owner Bonnie Fitzgerald and held at ANYTHING IN STAINED GLASS, 5104 Pegasus Ct., Frederick, MD 21704

Introduction to Exterior Mosaics is essential for anyone interested in creating mosaics for outside applications. We will cover how to put mosaics together for permanent outdoor use (surviving freeze/thaw) using stained glass and other glass products.

Workshop kicks off with a comprehensive review of all materials suited for exterior applications including glass and ceramic. Students learn how test tiles and other tesserae to determine feasibility for exterior application. Lecture and picture presentation will also cover exterior substrates, adhesives, setting, grouting, sealing and installation overview.

Students will gain hands on experience using tools and designing and creating a 12” x 12” garden paver using stained glass. This is an EXCELLENT first exterior mosaic project, you learn to manage thin-set adhesive, cut appropriate size tesserae and complete a project in a relatively short period of time. On Friday we begin with a lecture and picture presentation about exterior mosaics. The rest of the day and all day Saturday are full working days filled with countless conversations and tips about creating exterior mosaics. Sunday will be spent on grouting and finishing techniques, friendly critique and Q & A.

Included in workshop fee is your adhesive and grout. Our adhesive is thin-set. 

Students are asked to bring their own concrete paver measuring one square foot (round or square, available from Home Depot, Lowes, garden center, etc.)  Students also provide their own stained glass. Anything in Stained Glass store will be open during workshop hours for easy purchases. Students have access to the scrap bins at AISG (yummy, free!)

Students provide their own glass cutting tools, scorer, pliers and mosaic wheel tool as well as tweezers, palette knife for spreading adhesive and an apron (all available from ATISG). Instructor will bring patterns, although students are welcome to do their own designs.

Stained glass cutting experience required, previous mosaic experience helpful but not required.

Workshop Details

Tuition $285.00

Registration is through ANYTHING IN STAINED GLASS, telephone them for details (800)462-1209

Click here to sign up on-line.

Workshop Date/Time:

March 2, 3 & 4, 2018, Friday & Saturday, 10 am - 5 am and Sunday, 10 am - noon