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Community Mosaics

Workshop Description

Ever wonder what goes into creating a community mosaic or large-scale public artwork made by many hands? Here is your opportunity to learn first hand from folks who have worked on many projects with lots of volunteers involved. This workshop is part lecture part hands-on.

Slide show and lecture will cover creative and technical approaches best suited for community work - when there are many hands involved there is magic to the work, but there are lots of realities to be considered. What if the project spans a long period of time? Do I pre-build elements? Hands on work will include experimenting with a variety of materials using both the indirect face-tape method and building elements on fiberglass mesh. We will discuss preparing your surface, appropriate combination of materials and adhesives to use and managing those bodies!

We will also share ideas for developing projects, recruiting and managing volunteers and ways to gain the support your local community. Funding for any community project is a necessary reality and we give ideas for approaching funding sources, applying for grants, fundraising ideas and seeking sponsors.

Alternatively with lecture and discussion workshop participants will create an architectural mosaic installation to be donated to a local charity.


Bonnie Fitzgerald
In 2009, working as artist-in-residence for Hunter’s Woods Elementary School in Reston, VA Fitzgerald created a 165 sq. ft. exterior mural involving 200+ sixth grade students. In 2010 a second project was created; each student made a 4” x 4” bas-relief sculpture in terracotta in a theme voted on by the children: “If I Were an Animal”. The fired “tiles” were assembled into eight individual panels, which flank the building’s covered main entrance. Both projects involved the recruitment of countless volunteers, unique materials management and tight budgetary concerns. Her other works include mosaics surface enhancements and 3-dimensional artwork for municipal, residential and commercial.

Andrea Shreve Taylor
In 2008 Shreve Taylor worked as Co-director of an over 250 square foot mosaic mural community project, which was an initiative by the Multicultural OutReach Effort (MORE) organization to celebrate diversity and promote cultural and racial harmony through creative, artistic expression. Serving as Technical Director of project, she was responsible for supervising and conducting all aspects of physical installation: estimating and ordering tools and materials, implementing proper fabrication and installation, and instructing 9 core youth and over 300 community volunteers in proper installation techniques and procedures. This project was the first ever community public art project in the city of Fredericksburg.

Both instructors bring significant experience in the creation and construction of architectural mosaics, and provide great insight as to how YOU can realize your public project dream!

Workshop Details

Tuition: $200 • Supply Fee: $25 • Instructor: Fitzgerald & Shreve Taylor

Workshop Date/Time:

Saturday, May 21, 10am – 4pm & Sunday, May 22, 10pm – 3pm