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How to Cut Anything for Mosaic team taught by Kim Wozniak & Bonnie Fitzgerald

Workshop Description

This workshop will be team taught by Kim Wozniak and Bonnie Fitzgerald

This workshop is specifically designed to help you gain confidence and understanding for the tools needed to create your best work. And you get the knowledge and experience of TWO top-notch instructors.

It will be a hands-on day in which we review how to prepare materials for tesserae and how to cut and prepare your substrates. On the tesserae front we will cover everything from stained glass to high-fired ceramic to vitreous glass, smalti, Litovi and more. Custom substrate cutting includes using power tools to process Wedi, aluminum honeycomb, cement board and wood.

We will also discuss and demonstrate options to properly mount and prepare your substrates..

Training will include use of hand tools, electric wet saw, hammer & hardie, glass grinder, circular saw, jig saw and other tools that will make your life easier.

If you own a hammer and hardie please bring it! There will be extensive training for proper technique of this traditional cutting tool. You’ll also learn how to break down rocks, process slabs of marble and precisely cut smalti.

You have a hammer and hardie but no post? No worries! Let us know in advance and we will bring one for you, and demonstrate how you prepare the post and properly mount your hardie.

Students are invited to bring anything they can’t figure out how to cut, and together we’ll tackle it! Please bring whatever hand tools you own and we’ll check to ensure they’re properly calibrated, sharp and advise you on their correct use.

Kim Wozniak grew up in the construction business, not only does she have a strong knowledge of construction processes but has a trick for almost anything when it comes to equipment use. Bonnie’s collection of materials and tools will be shared with students so you can make informed decisions about which tools work best for your materials and project.

Kim is the owner of Witsend Mosaic and and comes to us from Pulaski, Wisconsin.

Dress appropriately; some tools will be used outside! Recommend students bring an apron, safety glasses and wear safe, comfortable shoes.

This workshop will be held at the Vienna Art Center, 115 Pleasant Street, NW, Vienna, VA

Workshop Details

Tuition: $165, supplies included

Workshop Date/Time:

Friday, December 1, 11:30 am – 6:30 pm, this frame time is our "work around" with DC traffic!