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Travel Abroad with Maverick! Art Camp goes International.

wan·der·lust    [won-der-luhst]
noun  a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Maverick Mosaics continues its commitment to offer unique artful learning experiences. With our wildly successful family travel adventure to France in 2013, and our recently completed adult trip to Spain in September, Maverick Mosaics Travel Group has designed two fabulous international travel programs for 2016.

Maverick Mosaics is, at its core, a “school” providing studio classes and instruction in mosaics and other arts. As such, our tours qualify for “continuing education status” with museums, cultural institutions and historical sites. This status provides our travel guests unique opportunities for private visits and behind the scenes access to sites and attractions not open to the general public.

Experience the splendor of Europe with Maverick Mosaics Travel Group as we open doors for you to learn, create and laugh. Get ready to enjoy a rich and memorable week of history, culture, art through the ages, great food, hands-on art projects and lots of free time for individual exploration.



"The Divine, the Diva and The David," Rome, Niki’s Tarot Garden and Florence

Our Italian adventure will focus on mosaic art in the cities of Rome, Florence and the Tuscan region. Upon your arrival in Rome you will visit famous "must sees," but surely the highlight will be our private visit to the Vatican and its Mosaic Studio where mosaic artisans restore, create and fabricate mosaics for installation worldwide. We make our way through the Tuscan countryside to the exotic sculpture garden of Niki de Saint Phalle. An experience guaranteed to satisfy lovers of mosaic and stone will be learning about “Florentine commesso”, a particular kind of mosaic, developed in the 16th century in Florence. We will meet one of the few master craftsmen in the art form. In Florence we will live like kings and queens at Villa il Poggiale, a manor house just outside the city. This trip is designed for adults and space is limited to ensure an intimate and personal experience.



"Back to the Future & Forward to the Past", Lascaux pre-historic caves, Medieval Carcassonne, Albi and the Perigord region (June 2016)

This trip will focus on art and cultural achievements through the ages. You will visit the Perigord region of France (southwest) and go "forward to the past" as we experience some of the oldest know artistic expressions on earth, the famous Caves of Lascaux (Paleolithic-Stoneage). Continuing forward into the past we visit the Medieval fortified town of Carcassonne. Going “back to the future” we visit the contemporary art museum of Toulouse-Lautrec, the celebrated market of Sarlat and much more. There will be wine tastings, special meals and private and exclusive entry to archeological sites as we experience moments in art and culture spanning 17,000 years! Our trip begins and ends with time in Paris where we will lunch at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, visit museums and get a taste of the "City of Light." This trip is multi-generational and open to families, singles and couples.

We at Maverick Mosaics are in pursuit of feeding our wanderlust. Join us!