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Eggshell Mosaics with Linda Biggers

Workshop Description

The art of using eggshells as a mosaic material dates back to Italian Renaissance times. In this workshop students will learn the fundamentals of creating eggshell mosaic. These delicate looking artworks are a beautiful cross between traditional mosaic and painting.

The workshop begins with a power point presentation and instructor Linda Biggers will walk students through her process of making eggshell mosaics from collecting the shells to a work in progress and final completion.

You will learn how to prepare and paint eggshell for use as tesserae, proper preparation of substrate, transferring design, and other tricks when working with this unique material. Different cutting techniques and types of cuts to create flow and interest will be demonstrated and application of your eggshells tesserae mastered. You will learn the best adhesives to use and how to finish and varnish your completed mosaic to assure permanence.

Instructor will provide all materials and you will work on a 6” x 6” artwork. If students do not finish their mosaic during the class, they will be provided with everything needed to complete it at home. Instructor will also provide design ideas, but students are welcome to bring their own.

Students should bring tweezers and an exacto knife.

About the Instructor: About twenty years ago, Linda, then a graphic designer, began experimenting with eggshell and mixed media mosaic. Mosaic became her medium of choice. She developed a technique that would make eggshell a viable material for mosaic use, and creates mosaics entirely of painted eggshell. She also incorporates eggshell into her mixed media mosaics. With the use of glass, eggshell, natural stone and slate, she is able to create works with texture, brilliant colors and movement that will evoke feelings and emotions to the viewer.

Linda lives in Upstate New York with her husband and two daughters. She is an active participant in local art shows and events in Albany, Saratoga and Adirondack Regions.

Workshop Location: Vienna Art Center, 115 Pleasant Street, NW, Vienna, VA

Workshop Details

$325, Supply Fee $25.

Workshop Date/Time:

Saturday and Sunday, November 12 & 13, 2016, 10am - 4pm both days