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Color Theory for Mosaics

Workshop Description

The most successful mosaics have good design and a balance of color. Mosaic art poses many challenges when it comes to color, especially if you wish to have "controlled color" or work in realism. The palette can be very limited as opposed to mixing paints, which is virtually unlimited. In mosaics you have to “find” the color or “trick the viewer’s eye” into seeing the color you the artist have in mind.

In this information filled day we explore the principles of color theory and how hue, tone, value and contrast apply to mosaics. Through a series of exercises students will learn to integrate these principles into their work and will create their own color wheel incorporating a “must have” piece of tessarae for their next project.

We will NOT be making mosaics in this workshop; the focus is to learn the basics of color theory and how to integrate these principles into your mosaic art work.

THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE WORKSHOP. Prerequisite: Introduction to Mosaics plus one other mosaic project, or permission of instructor required.

Students please bring wheel tool, tweezers, scissors, pencil with eraser, thin and thick felt tip pens (Sharpie) and a tesserae you wish to use in a future mosaic that your color wheel exercise will be based on.

Color wheel by Lynn Chin and available from diMosacio.

Workshop Details

Tuition: $135 • $25 Separate Supply Fee, • Instructor: Maverick Mosaics Owner, Bonnie Fitzgerald

Workshop Date/Time:

Saturday, January 31, 2015, 10 am - 4 pm

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