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Kickassiette with Kelley Knickerbocker

Workshop Description

One of our most popular visiting artists returns to Maverick Mosaics in 2017 with a brand new workshop.

Many of us came to mosaic via the broken dish, and this is an opportunity to up our game, so get out grandma’s china or that awesome mug you’ve been saving. Kelley is known for her dynamic teaching style and inventive techniques, so this workshop promises to be chock full of information and countless tips for working with these materials.

Picassiette* is the process of transforming crockery and found objects into mosaic. What makes crockery so tempting and ideal for mosaic is not only its availability, ease of cutting, and varied glazes, but its unique curvatures, bumps and protrusions that translate to gorgeous dimensionality in tesserae.

In this technique-rich, hands-on workshop, Kelley ramps picassiette up an innovative notch with her unusual methods of cutting/setting not only the flat surfaces of plates and other ceramic ware, but the lips, feet, rims, handles, lids, spouts, and more, including the exposing/tinting of the inner clay body. Students will learn cutting tools and techniques; setting in mortar to maximize sculptural/dimensional possibilities; building a cohesive color/material palette, and composing with crockery’s challenging curves and bumps.

Students will have the opportunity to create a sample board and at least one mosaic in class.

*Thought to be derived from the French slang “piquer” (to steal) + “assiette” (plate).

This workshop is designed to interest and challenge mosaic makers of all experience levels. A good understanding of basic mosaic principles and vocabulary is helpful but not necessary.

Students are asked to bring their basic mosaic tool kit (tweezers, spatula, positioning tools, apron), a good quality wheel tool (we prefer Montolit), a ceramic tile nipper, and several items of crockery (mugs, bowls, plates, teapots, cups, mugs, lamp bases, pitchers, etc.). Included in supply fee are your substrates, thin-set adhesive, cups, stirrers, pigments, handouts, etc.

About the instructor: Visual artist Kelley Knickerbocker left a 22-yr administrative career at the University of Washington in 2006 to found a mosaic studio (Rivenworks Mosaics, Seattle) and begin designing/fabricating/installing mosaic artwork for public, commercial, residential and gallery environments. Kelley’s ruggedly dimensional mosaics, in a broad range of materials, are a textural distillation of her fascination with contrast, material properties and the technical challenges of mosaic construction. Sharing that fascination and learning from other art makers are integral to the freshness and breadth of Kelley’s mosaic practice, and she travels extensively around the world speaking, collaborating and teaching in-depth workshops on mosaic style and technique.

This workshop shop will be held at the Vienna Art Center, 115 Pleasant St., NW, Vienna, VA 22180

Workshop Details

Tuition: $475 • $25 separate Supply Fee

Workshop Date/Time:

October 27, 28 & 29, 2017. Friday, 11:30 am - 6:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm. Late start on Friday is an effort to work around evening rush hour.