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Kismet Meets Mortar NEW WORKSHOP

Workshop Description

Workshop taught by Maverick Mosaic owner Bonnie Fitzgerald and will be held at the Vienna Art Center, Vienna, VA 22180.

This workshop is specifically designed to introduce you to working in a mortar setting bed using beautiful Kismet tiles. Works are small scale and not grouted. Most of our materials will be glass making for luminous, delicious and colorful creations.

In this workshop students will be introduced to Kismet and create a mixed materials project using 80%, or more of Kismet Mosaic products. We will be using thin-set mortar as our adhesive and you will learn lots of tricks for working with this traditional mosaic adhesive.

These unique tiles are made from recycled glass, come in 60 different colors, 3 finishes and 8mm and 12mm sizes. There are belly buttons, rounds, and triangles. You can choose to cut them or use whole, and when you do cut them there are few if any shards.

We will focus on creating harmonious lay patterns and color combinations, incorporating costume jewelry, milleflori, smalti, found objects and more. Each student will be provided with TWO 6” x 6” mortar ready substrates. For your first project we urge you to approach as a prototype, a learning project. The prototype will be an invaluable tool for helping you master this direct method of working and tricks to best manage the materials. Once your prototype is complete you may choose to work larger or continue in the smaller scale on your 2nd substrate, up to you!

Workshop suitable for all levels of experience! For previous students this workshop is an outgrowth of our “Magic Carpet”, “Direct Set” and “Use Me Please” workshops and designed specifically for an air conditioned fun time on a hot summer weekend.

Kismet tiles are made in Istanbul with window pane glass that is crushed into a fine powder and natural oxides added. A special process stamps the raw material into individual mosaic shapes and then kiln fired. Because of an annealing process they are the strongest and most durable glass mosaic tiles on the market.

Students are asked to bring their basic tool kit including a mosaic wheel tool, tweezers, positioning tool, spatula for spreading mortar, apron, etc. If you do not own tools please drop us and note and we will provide loaners.

Kismet will offer a 20% DISCOUNT to students for PRE PURCHASES made for this workshop. We recommend you look at their site if you have specific color preferences or a special project in mind.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Kismet tiles are extremely user friendly and do not require cutting.

Photo credit: “Kismet Cosmos” by Bonnie Fitzgerald

Workshop Details

Tuition $155. Supply fee $30.

The separate supply fee covers thin-set mortar (white, gray or black), two 6” x 6” mortar ready substrates, a selection of Kismet and lots of supplemental mosaic materials (the other 20%). Supplemental materials include beads, costume jewelry, ball chain, other glass materials, milleflori and glass rods. You can expect to have an ample amount of Kismet for your 6” x 6” works.

Kismet Mosaic owner, Carrie Seabrook has extended a generous 20% DISCOUNT for any purchases you make in advance of the workshop. Please take a look at the Kismet website to review materials and substrates.

Click here for Kismet website. Discount code BF17.

If you have very specific ideas or color combinations you favor we urge you to pre-order additional materials.

Workshop Date/Time:

Weekend: August 12 & 13, 2017. Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-2pm