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Building Better Backgrounds with Margo Anton

Workshop Description

Beyond Opus Tessellatum: Building Better Backgrounds

Backgrounds in mosaic can be so much more than opus tessellatum. If you love creating the foreground of your mosaic but get stymied by the background, or just find mosaicking the background plain boring, this workshop is for you. Starting with a mosaic grammar lesson, this lecture and workbook focused workshop will introduce students to a whole variety of possibilities for improving their backgrounds. Working with ink and colored pencils, students will explore these new possibilities on paper.

Topics such as using contrast, color, and various mosaic opera to create interest and emotion will be covered. Students will be guided as to how to make choices to create the most effective backgrounds possible in their mosaics.

Class participants are encouraged to send Margo photos of work either finished or unfinished, as the end of class will feature a discussion about potential background improvements for future work and possibilities for unfinished work.

This workshop will be of particular interest to those beginner and intermediate students who want to improve the design of their mosaics, particularly in regards to the background.

About the Instructor

Margo Anton found her way to mosaics in a rather circuitous route. Two trips to Europe and half a Classics degree peaked her interest in this ancient art form. A screaming run from the corporate world solidified her need for something unconventional as a career. Shortly thereafter, she launched headlong into the full fledged insanity that is mosaic.

Always searching and revamping her approach to mosaic, she has progressed in her twelve years of mosaic from flat, grouted functional mosaics to her current heavily textured fine art pieces. In an era of “bigger is better”, she has produced continually smaller pieces, starting with her “Mosaic a Day” works, published in a blog started in 2009.

This workshop shop will be held at the Vienna Art Center, 115 Pleasant St., NW, Vienna, VA 22180

Workshop Details

Tuition: $175 • $15 separate Supply Fee

Workshop Date/Time:

ONE DAY ONLY Friday, December 9, 2016, 11am-6pm - workshop scheduled time to help avoid rush hour