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Lansing, MICHIGAN: Precision Cutting and Materials Preparation for Mosaics in Stained Glass LAST MINUTE OPENING

Workshop Description

Workshop location: Delphi Creativity Center, East Lansing, Michigan

Find confidence as you master precision cutting of stained glass for use in your mosaics. Students will learn tricks to quickly and efficiently cut and prepare stained glass into a variety of classical and contemporary “tesserae”. We will review tools and how to use them to make the job of precision cutting easy. Instructor shares countless tips to help you “see” the shapes you need to cut, and then how to cut it.

For those new to mosaic this is a terrific opportunity to master stained glass as a material for mosaic. For experienced students the investment of this ½ day will help you take your work have a professional polish. The cutting skills taught are transferrable to other materials.

This workshop will be taught by Bonnie Fitzgerald, this will be her second trip to Delphi's Creativity Center.

This session should particularly benefit those who feel their work has hit a plateau or is missing that professional polish.

Students may wish to bring their personal wheel tool, glass cutting tools (scores, running plier) tweezers and favorite positioning tools. Workshop fee covers all supplies, Delphi will loan tools to anyone who does not already own.

Workshop Details

Tuition: $95

This course is held at Delphi Creativity Center. To register IT IS EASIEST TO DO BY TELEPHONE: 800-248-2048. Or click here for link.

Workshop Date/Time:

Half-Day Workshop: Friday, August 25, 2017, Noon to 4pm