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Pique Assiette: The Broken Dish

Workshop Description

Making Art from the Broken Dish: How to create fabulous mosaics in the Pique Assiette tradition

Upcycle. Repurpose. Green art.

This timeless and popular art form is called pique assiette (pronounced "peek ah-see-yet") in the mosaic art world.

In this course you will learn how to create beautifully unique art using old or broken plates, ceramic figurines, costume jewelry and assorted found objects. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to resurrect a chipped or damaged family heirloom by giving it a new life as a work of art.

Through hands-on experiences, you will learn about materials, nipping, cutting and tool use, good design methods, grouting, and tips and tricks to create artistic treasure from forgotten items. Instructor will provide an ample supply of materials that work as "fill-ins" and backgrounds. But students are responsible for bringing the majority of their mosaic materials including Granny’s broken platter, buttons, toys, or knick-knacks that you’d like to include in your art.

Students also provide their mosaic surface, be it a picture frame or a 3-D object. A note will come from instructor with parameters for the best surfaces and how to prepare. Substrates also available from instructor.

During our first meeting we will look at many examples of successful mosaics made in this technique. We will review materials you bring from home and begin to develop your design. Our second class is dedicated to creating our mosaic. PLEASE NOTE STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO WORK ON THIER PROJECTS AT HOME IN BETWEEN CLASSES. At our third and final class we will have a grout demonstration and those of you who are ready to grout your project will do so. If you are not ready to grout you will be sent home with grout to do on your own.

Students required to bring hand tools to cut their given materials, details provided along with supplemental supply list that will be sent 2 weeks prior to workshop start. These tools are a nominal investment.

Skill level: All levels, from beginner to experienced are welcome.

photo: detail from "The Apology", by Barbara Suplita

Workshop Details

Tuition: $165, Supply Fee: $35

Supply Fee covers supplemental materials, adhesives, grout and design materials.

Workshop Date/Time:

Thursdays, May 11, 18 & 25, 11:30am - 2 pm all days

Workshop help at the Vienna Art Center, 115 Pleasant Street, NW, Vienna, VA 22180.