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Orlando FLORIDA: Exterior Mosaics: 2-D and Bas Relief Projects

Workshop Description

Workshop held at Luna Mosaics in Orlando, Florida. They handle sign-ups. Workshop taught by Bonnie Fitzgerald for Luna Mosaics.

Go outside with your mosaics! This workshop covers everything you need to know about creating professional caliber mosaics to withstand moisture and freeze-thaw cycles in exterior environments. Students may also explore dimensional works by creating multiple substrate layers.

Class lecture includes important information about selecting substrates and fixatives that will endure weather year round. Each student will have the opportunity to create a finished project approximately two square feet of mosaic surface area. Previous mosaic and/or stained glass experience is helpful, but not required.

On day one we begin with a picture presentation and lecture covering technical considerations, design principles and case studies. We review all materials suited for exterior work, including testing materials. The rest of the day is spent designing our mosaic, preparing our substrate, and preparing materials. Our remaining time is spent creating our mosaic, mastering our adhesive and learning lots of fabrication options and tricks. At the workshop conclusion there will be a grout demonstration. Our adhesive will be exterior grade thin-set mortar and our substrate is Wediboard, an all weather industry approved cemetious product.

The recommended project size is with our time frame in mind with an eye to students completing during workshop hours. You may choose a 12” x 12” square or 14” x 11” rectangle as a base and additional Wedi provided to construct layers. Wedi can be easily cut into almost any shape – you are not limited to a square or rectangle, we just begin there!

Lots of personal mentoring and no question will go unanswered.

Students bring the majority of tesserae materials, and you may work in any exterior rated material.

Students interested in signing up for the Grout Camp workshop - Sunday April 9, receive a $10 discount when you are signed up for this exterior workshop. We believe that since this is a 3-day workshop you will have enough time to finish your piece and bring it to the Grout Camp workshop. Go home with a completely finished piece!!

photo: Layered Substrate Technique, Rockville City Hall, by Bonnie Fitzgerald and Ali Mirsky

Workshop Details

Tuition: $555. Workshop fee covers your Wedi substrate (up to 2 square feet), hanging devices, loan of power tools, adhesive, and a generous selection of supplemental materials including stained glass, vitreous glass tiles, glass fusions, rods and milleflori. The Luna Store will be open during workshop hours for your convenience.

Students are also asked to bring tools to cut their selected materials. A detailed supply list, and a note how to best prepare, including design tips, will come to students 2 weeks in advance of workshop.

Register directly with Luna Mosaics, Click here to register.

Workshop Date/Time:

Three Day Workshop, Thursday-Saturday, Saturday, November 2, 3, & 4, 2017. 10am-5pm all days