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Ravenna Technique with Michael Kruzich NEW DATES

Workshop Description



Italy comes to Maverick Mosaics!

The “Ravenna method” was developed in the Byzantine era. Visiting Artist Michael Kruzich was trained at the prestigious Mosaic Art School in Ravenna, Italy by Maestra Luciana Notturni and her colleagues. He teaches the Ravenna method in selected cities throughout North America.

In the Ravenna method, materials are set into a temporary bed of clay or lime paste where they can be moved and changed until the final effect is achieved. The temporary bed of lime paste or clay remains moist for months; meaning it can be left and returned to when you are ready to work again. Once complete the mosaic is transferred to a permanent mortar bed.

The Ravenna Method applies ancient techniques of laying tesserae and can be useful in contemporary applications,. It is used by many Italian professional mosaicists today.

The hammer and hardie are the traditional tools for cutting smalti and stone and is the tool you will be trained on in this workshop. Mosaic materials to be used are marble and Italian smalti glass and you will reproduce a portion of a classical mosaic.

Working directly into thin-set mortar you will also work on a second mosaic with a simple monochrome design of your own in white, grey and black. This second mosaic serves as an exercise in value/contrast without the distraction of color.

    Some of the main advantages of the Ravenna method are:
  • Because you can remove tesserae directly from the moist clay changes are easily made
  • You are always working on the right side or face of the mosaic, as it will look when finished
  • In the workshop you work on your mosaic while sitting upright, and you can view your work from a distance to see how it is reading to the eye

This is an intensive course with an immersive schedule. Please note there is very little opportunity to make up missed time. Any skill level welcome.

    Supplies and materials:
  • There is a separate materials fee is payable to the instructor at the start of the first class. Materials fees include two custom frame substrates, clay temporary bed, adhesives, sealants, handouts as well as materials necessary to complete the mosaic reproduction chosen. Choices of mosaic reproduction images will be sent to each registered student 30 days prior to the class at the latest. Each image will have it's specific materials cost for students to select from. Fees will range between $95 and $255 depending on the image chosen.

Students are encouraged to bring their own hammer and hardie. If you wish to purchase we will provide vendor guidance, if you are traveling from afar we will provide for you. Rental fee $25.

About the Instructor: Michael was trained at the prestigious Mosaic Art School in Ravenna, Italy by Maestra Luciana Notturni and her colleagues. His work has exhibited nationally and internationally, winning awards at the annual “Mosaic Arts International” exhibits in 2010 and 2011 as well as appearing in several recent art and mosaic publications. Michael is based in San Francisco, CA where he maintains his studio practice creating fine art mosaics, reproductions and commissions for private/commercial clients and teaching classical Italian principles and methods of making mosaics.

Testimonials: "I've taken two classes from Michael and in each he has demonstrated an intensity and thoroughness that I greatly appreciate and respect. His preparation of materials for the class is phenomenal. In each class he provided a syllabus that is extremely specific and backs up all of his demonstrations. His teaching manner is very respectful of each student's skill level. He offers help where needed but does not insert himself into the student's piece. I was a teacher for thirty-five years and know what it means to prepare lessons for art projects. Michael surpasses anyone I know with this skill." -Clay Madden

"I’ve taken three of Michael’s classes and each has been a great learning experience. Michael skillfully uses his extensive knowledge of mosaic history and technique to give students a solid foundation for growing their own skill sets. Classes are a great blend of lectures, slides, drawing, and demonstrations. Michael’s organization and teaching skills keep the group organized and moving forward, but he also makes ample time for one-on-one coaching and is comfortable with each student heading off in their own creative direction. Michael’s enthusiastic support makes his classes a great way to learn, but also a lot of fun." -James V. Henry

Workshop Details

Tuition: $600.00 • Supply Fee Payable to Instructor, see above for project supply fee information.

If you wish to purchase a hammer and hardie we recommend 950gram or 750gram hammer with Fixed-8" handle with combination tips (one steel and one carbide) with the steel hardie, best place to purchase is

Workshop Date/Time:

March 4 –8, 2015
5 day Intensive
10am to 6pm daily with one hour lunch break

Workshop location: Vienna Art Center, 115 Pleasant St., NW, Vienna, VA 22180