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Tempered & Crash Glass Mosaics

Workshop Description

This workshop will be held at Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, MD 20812. Weekend workshop May 20 & 21, 2017

Tempered glass, also known as Crash Glass, is a fun and versatile material that when used as an overlay makes for exciting, shimmery mosaic-like art works.

In this workshop we combine collage with mosaic techniques using tempered glass. We will complete at least two mosaic pieces using an overlaying technique with tissue paper, foils, stamps, metallic papers, glitter, milar and more.

To master technique we begin with a 4" x 4" 2-dimensional substrate. Once you understand the nuances of the material we move onto a second work. As time permits you can make additional pieces.

We begin by creating a paper and/or painted collage. You may incorporate photographs, stickers, tissue papers, stamps, glitter, wrapping paper – just about anything that allows for a flat surface. We will also experiment with paints and inks as underlays. We then apply a tempered glass overlay and may supplement the works with stained glass, clear glass, milleflori, or other mosaic materials as a a part of the design. Grouting is optional.

Workshop will give you a good foundation for working with Tempered Glass including adhesives, creating effective underlays and tricks for working both small and large scale.

New students will go home with at least 2 amazing artworks, returning students may work on just one project, but it will be larger, customized and very special. Everyone leaves with the knowledge to make lots of these wonderfully personal and unique artworks.

For RETURNING STUDENTS you are welcome to create a larger work from the get go, and instructor will communicate directly with you in advance of workshop regarding your thoughts and the size substrate you will need. RETURNING STUDENTS may also work on a 3-D surface. Contact instructor for details.

Workshop perfect for teens and adults. Minimum age 16. No mosaic experience necessary.

A supplemental supply list and more details provided 2 weeks in advance

photo "Contentment" by Bonnie Fitzgerald

Workshop Details

Tuition: $240. Supply Fee Payable first day of workshop, $50.

Workshop Date/Time:

Weekend Workshop, May 20 & 21, 2017. Saturday, 10am - 5pm, Sunday, 10am - 2pm

This course is held in association with the Glen Echo Partnership. To register IT IS EASIEST TO DO BY TELEPHONE: 301.634.2226 Or click here for link.